(Right) Fig. 1.  Common procedure for MASW surveys for 1-D, 2-D, and 3-D Vs mapping

(Below) Fig. 2.  Illustration to describe the procedure for 2-D Vs mapping.

usually consists of three steps (Fig. 1):

  1. Data Acquisition: Acquiring multichannel field records
    (commonly called shot gathers in seismic exploration)
  2. Data Analysis (Step 1): Dispersion analysis extracting one
    dispersion curve from one field record, and
  3. Data Analysis (Step 2): Inversion back-calculating shear-
    wave velocity (Vs) variation with depth (called 1-D Vs
    profile) that gives theoretical dispersion curve closest to
    the measured (extracted) curve (one 1-D Vs profile from
    each curve).

A 2-D (surface and depth) Vs map is then constructed through an
appropriate interpolation scheme (
Fig. 2) by placing each 1-D Vs
profile at a surface location corresponding to the middle of the
receiver line.  A more detailed description including optimum
parameters can be found in the following links.  

Field Procedure for Data Acquisition

Dispersion Analysis

Inversion Analysis