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MASW Training Course - How to Become a Host

Any organization or individual hosting the MASW training course will be asked to provide the following1:

•        Facilities --- classroom and A/V equipment
•        Outdoor demonstration site
2 for field operation (if included in the course) and necessary equipment3
•        Local advertisement4 to solicit participation5

All expenses will be paid from the registration fees.
2 An open space of 100-ft by 200-ft size (at a minimum) within a walkable distance (5-10 min) from  the classroom
3 A multichannel (e.g., 24) seismograph and corresponding hardware components for data acquisition (e.g., 24 geophones, seismic cable/land streamer, sledge
hammer, etc.)
4 Advertisement through hosting individual or organization's contact list and local newsletter (if available)
5 Number of participants will be limited to between 10 (minimum) and 50 (maximum).

Benefits of Hosting

•        In-person training at your location
•        Free registration (up to 1 for individual and 2 for organizations hosting the course)
•        Opportunity  for customization


The registration fee will vary between $350 (min) and $500 (max) per person depending on the number of registrants and total expenses to rent facilities and
equipment (if needed).  Registration fees for training courses arranged outside the continental U.S. will be different and subject to conditions discussed between the
potential host and Park Seismic LLC.  A full amount of one registration fee will be credited toward future purchase of the ParkSEIS© software by an individual or an
organization.  The entire registration process will be made through Park Seismic LLC.     

If you or your organization are interested in hosting an MASW training course, please contact with the following information available:

•        Location (organization name, city, and country)
•        Tentative time to be scheduled (month and year)
•        Expected number of participants (e.g., 20-30)
•        Outdoor demonstration (and subsequent data-processing) session included or not
Dear Fellow Researchers and Practitioners,

With great enthusiasm and pleasure, I would like to humbly announce that I will be engaging in a series of MASW training courses,
starting domestically as early as this fall (October 2018). In this regard, I would like to solicit requests from related organizations and
individuals about whether you would be interested in hosting the course on site.  Based upon initial feedback, I will come up with a
schedule that is optimized geographically and in terms of various timing demands.    

The training course will be a 1-day
(or 2-day if advanced) course, the contents of which are outlined here.  More details about how to
become a host are explained below.  If you or your organization are interested, please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Sincerely yours,
Choon Park, Ph.D.
Principal Geophysicist
Park Seismic LLC /
MASW Training Course - Call for Host
Max. Reg.
Reg. Fee
Park Seismic LLC
Anaheim Marriott, Anaheim, CA
Thur., Oct. 18, 2018
30 (5)
$350 ($250)
Univ. of South Florida (USF)
(School of Geosciences)
30 (10)
$350 ($250)
Univ. of Detroit Mercy
Dept. of Civil Engineering
30 (10)
$350 ($250)
Germantown, MD (or TBD)
ARM Group Inc.
Hershey, PA
Announcement --- MASW Training Course during SEG 2018, Anaheim, CA

The MASW training course, the first of its kind to be open to the public organized by Park Seismic LLC, will be offered
during the
SEG Annual Meeting on Thursday, October 18, 2018, at the Anaheim Marriott Hotel.  It will be a 1-day
course that covers theory, applications, field survey, and data analysis.  The course will include an on-site
demonstration of data acquisition followed by analysis.  More details are posted
here.  A fillable registration form
(PDF) can be downloaded.  For more information, email to
MASW Training Course --- Future Schedule