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In collaboration with K. D. Jones Instrument Corp. and Geophysical Services Inc., we are pleased to
announce that Park Seismic LLC has now extended its scope of MASW services to a full spectrum to
include field-survey and equipment-lease operations. Since its founding in 2006, Park Seismic LLC has
been focusing on the research and development of software solutions for MASW investigation, in an effort
to enhance the precision and cost-effectiveness of MASW analyses.  As of January 2018, we now provide
services in full-scale MASW surveys as well as in the package lease of MASW investigation tools, including
hardware and software.  Previous data-analysis and reporting services will still be available.    

Art Fromm, President and CEO of K. D. Jones Instruments Corp. and Fromm Applied Technology, has been
working in near-surface seismic investigation for the past several decades.  We are confident that together
we will make novel contributions in the area of geotechnical seismic investigations, by providing technical
solutions in a rigorous but affordable manner.  We look forward to working with you together.

January, 2018
Choon Park, Ph.D.
Principal Geophysicist
Park Seismic LLC
We provide services in the following categories:

    Full service MASW investigations for various applications; e.g., wind-turbine site investigation, seismic site characterization (Vs30m),
    soil/bedrock mapping, target detection (voids, weak zones, bedrock valleys), among others.  Contact us here for a free consultation.

    We provide tools (hardware and software) to perform MASW investigations for short- (1-day) and long- (multiple month) term leases.  
    Several packages are available for typical applications that come with preset configuration of survey equipment and data-analysis software
    pre-installed on a computer (Toughbook).  Brief instructions for field assembly and post-acquisition data analysis are also included in each

    For worldwide local geophysical service companies, we provide services in data processing and reporting.  We provide free pre-survey
    consultation to ensure proper field operation.  We often send detailed instructions to the local company in how to perform the field data
    acquisition, which can help reduce cost overruns, save time, and improve accuracy of results. Any geophysical survey company providing
    services in seismic refraction/reflection surveys can perform the MASW surveys without any modification.

    We research and develop MASW data analysis and presentation tools.  The ParkSEIS software, first released on January 2015, is the most
    comprehensive and updated tool for MASW data analysis designed to generate shear-wave velocity (Vs) information in 1-D profile, 2-D
    cross section, and depth slices.  It can also perform Back Scattering Analysis (BSA) of surface waves to detect near-surface anomalies such
    as voids, tunnels, boulders, weak zones, etc.  MASW modeling is also included.  ParkSEIS© (PS) can process seismic data sets from active,
    passive, and (active/passive) combined MASW surveys.  Visit the website for more information.

    Contact for customized software.