MASW Tool Package Lease

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We provide a complete set of tools (hardware and software) for MASW investigation with short- (1 day) and long- (multiple month) term
leases.  Each package comes with a laminated (5-page) binder for data acquisition and processing instructions.  How to assemble
hardware components and how to set data-recording software are graphically illustrated in the binder.  Each package comes with the
ParkSEIS (v. 3.0) AUTO data-analysis software, which can be used in the field to automatically generate the desired result (1D profile or
2D cross section) after data acquisition.  AUTO results are reliable for most MASW data sets (~75%) that have high-very high signal-to-
noise (SN) ratios.  Brief instructions on how to process more challenging data sets (low-medium SN ratios) are also graphically
illustrated by following the conventional (manual) data-analysis sequences.  

We provide rental packages with preset configurations for both 1D and 2D surveys in the following depth ranges:

  • shallow (< 30 ft)
  • medium (< 50 ft)
  • deep (< 100 ft)
  • very deep (< 300 ft)

All packages will include the following (
basic and optional) items needed for MASW surveys:
Geometrics, 24-channel acquisition
ACQ Software
GEODE controller software
Power Source
small car or motorcycle battery with relatively low capacity (e.g.,
4Ah).  A dry-cell battery can also be used for several hours of
Laptop Computer
Panasonic Toughbook
For both data-acquisition and data-processing purposes.  Software
installed (
Seismodule and ParkSEIS) for both purposes
Sledge hammer (> 8-lb) for
shallow-deep investigation
Powerful Elastic Wave Generator (EWG) available for "very-deep"
4.5-Hz vertical geophones
24 units
Land Streamer
24 stations with a preset station interval
Strike Plate
Aluminum plate
1 ft x 1 ft size with 1/2-in thickness
Hammer Switch
Trigger sensor
For use with customer-supplied hammer or other energy
source, includes 15-ft (4.5-m) long cable terminated with one
3-pin connector.
Trigger Extension Cable
100-ft extension cable
Seismic Cable
24 Takeout
GEOPHONE SPREAD CABLE with 24 wire-wrap takeouts with
preset intervals
Extra Seismic Cable
Jumper Cable
Extension cable between the seismic cable and seismograph
Data-Analysis Software
ParkSEIS (v. 3.0) AUTO
USB dongle or pre-installed on Toughbook computer
Tape Measure (100 ft), Stake
Flags, Black Tapes, Gloves, Ear
Plugs, Safety Gears, Spray
Paint, etc.
A package of all items